The Krontiris Method

The Krontiris Method Exercise Tutorial Videos

By visually learning which muscles are engaged and activated during a specific exercise, you are simply training the mind-muscle connection.

By consciously feeling a muscle work through a full range of motion can enhance muscle fiber recruitment and activation. The more you build this “mind-muscle connection”, the more you will maximize your exercise and see your muscles grow.

Core Workout: Side Plank Exercise Tutorial Video

Before advancing to any multi-dimensional side plank variation, mastering the basic fundamentals of a side plank is important to prevent injuries.

It is a simple exercise that predominately focuses on your obliques. When performed correctly, your core muscles will support your body to keep your feet, knees, hip, shoulders and head aligned (forming a straight line).

However, when done incorrectly, you can cause unnecessary stress on your shoulders or hips which can lead to potential injuries.

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Upper Body Workout: Pushup Exercise Tutorial Video

A pushup is considered a calisthenics exercise. Calisthenics is resistance training with your own bodyweight. Although pushups are one of the most common exercises performed, it can take a bit of practice and fine tuning your form to get it right.

When performed correctly, pushups are ideal for building strength in your upper body (chest & triceps) with your core and lower body as stabilizers.

Without correct technique, many people tend to feel pain and discomfort in their lower back and even unnecessary stress on their shoulders. To avoid injury and unnecessary strain on the lower back, engage your core muscles, creating a flat back. Your body should be aligned and forming a straight line from your heels, back of your knees, glutes, back to your head & neck, throughout the entire exercise.

Lower Body Workout: Bridges Exercise Tutorial Video

Bridges are a safe approach exercise that builds strength primarily in your hamstrings, glutes and abdominals.

Not having proper form when doing bridges can make the entire exercise ineffective. When you extend your hips too high or have your feet out too far or even too close to your body, your not engaging the primary muscles of the exercise.

Instead, you are utilizing other muscle groups and possibly creating unnecessary stress on the back which can lead to pain the lower back.

Do you train, manage, coach or provide care for student athletes?

Sports related injuries are not only devastating for athletes, they can be costly to your organization. From healthcare costs to disruptions in training — sports competition, it is essential that athletes avoid suffering avoidable risks associated with improper training and care coordination.

The Krontiris Method provides a breakthrough solution that bridges “The Danger Gap™” that exist within the athletic ecosystem (i.e. Athletes, Athletic Directors, School Nurse, Coach, Athletic Trainers, Parents (for minors), and any other affiliated Healthcare provider).

The Krontiris Method provides a holistic solution beyond exercise videos. It is a web and mobile Sports Medicine EdTech platform that aims to address:

The Krontiris Method does this by providing a platform that combines:

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The Krontiris Method is designed to put our athletes first!

Our mission is to have athletes reach their highest potential physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to bring back the fun and love of sports while ensuring “Safety First to Prevent the Worst™” for our athletes.

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